The Happiness Project ‘In the House’ is an interactive, installation-based exhibition realized in residential areas of multiple cities. Songs from Charles Spearin’s The Happiness Project (Arts & Crafts, 2009) are assigned to artists who subsequently occupy the rooms of a house with inspired installations. Nebulous as happiness may be, the artists weave their own experiences into their work creating new utterances of what it means to them. Each installment of The Happiness Project becomes a unique expression of joy and a renewed exercise in welcoming the abutting community into an intimate and communicative space. Visit Artist Bloc for more info.

The Happiness Project Installation @ POP Montreal from Artist Bloc on Vimeo.

Crush, Inc. / Beluga Studio / Nicole Legault / David Collier & Marianne Collins / Marijke Bouchier / Svea Vikander / Amy Vickberg / Corri Lynn Tetz /

Montreal and Kingston have been the two locations thus far. The project is coming to Toronto in 2011.