I am a highly skilled producer and project manager who has experience leading projects large and small, with a focus on digital and video production.  I am highly motivated and strives for projects that will challenge her skills and creative abilities.  I am a producer with a vision, strong problem-solving skills, and passion, with an in-depth knowledge of production procedures in video, film, and web formats, who delivers a project from initial conception to timely and effective execution.

I have worked as a freelancer for over five year in a number of Toronto production companies, including Symmetree Media, Sons and Daughters, The Garden, Avion, Bakery Film Company, Lollipop, and Secret Location, as well as independently through her collective Artist Bloc. I have worn the Producer, Director, Assistant Director, Production Manager, Production Coordinator and Executive Assistant hat with pride. In these various positions I have successfully supervised production personnel, and seen projects in initial development stages, production, and in their full realization.

Most recently, I have produced a new media exhibition for Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche, in which I employed various installation artists from the new media field, including the award winning Crush Studios.

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